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10 things every day should be a good mother

Every day should be a good mother to do 10 things every mother should bear in mind that children are always so eager to learn and very easy to be moved, they look forward to MOM's guidance, encouragement, but they hope mother can believe in their abilities, we can see that MOM and let your child build self confidence is the key to 1 to say at least once a day, "I'm in love with you".
2, compliment your child a thing well done, whether it is home or nursery can be.
3, take some time to do some fun games with children, even within a few days together for only 10 or 15 minutes, but the quality of the time spent is often more important than the length of time.
4, to see the children's dance performances, story-telling competitions, of his mother's presence may let them know that you care.
5, creating a variety of family activities, kids party, or family travel, and let the child in these activities take on special tasks 6, children like others need his feelings. They assign tasks such as making the bed or furniture, so that the child will feel important.
7, creating opportunities for children to read as much as possible, and to encourage children to ask questions and to express themselves on the story of the views and comments.
8, to give the child confidence, her first to be very confident, avoid some ambiguous words, or ask other people "I do it, okay? ”。
9, to develop children's confidence, to listen to the most important. Children have much to say to her. You listen to make children think you care about its point of view and perspectives. Of course, you have to maintain equal and sweet with the kids as much as possible. Avoid saying things such as, "not now, baby, you see MOM busy! "Such words. If you do not immediately listen to the child's story, also said in another way, such as "now is not the best time to talk, we changed one time, OK? "
Then make time.
10, the mother should fulfil promise to children, if you did not fulfill your promise to them, the children will feel as if they do something wrong.