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Top 10 discipline tips kinder parents

Very few parents was born to teach children, and few parents can naturally become the parenting expert. If you want to be a successful parent, will need to continue to enrich the new knowledge. If you have not been too many good education experience, and now it's hard to think how to deal with children, please refer to Cheng Guiying teacher's 10 ways. When you are when a child is angry and furious, may wish to use these methods instead of beating parenting.
More than 1 more about kids making ends meet at the same time, parents must take the time to learn more about the child with kids, the nanny, the children's teachers communicate, as far as possible to the children of the kindergarten and the family has a full grasp. More understanding, less misunderstandings. Once the child is disobedient when, but also know how to guide their children.
2 absorption changes in education in the knowledge society, the child's environment is changing, then rearing naturally continue to progress. As a parent, is duty-bound to actively absorb the educational knowledge. In the traditional way of parenting education in most authority for parents to educate their children, and abuse punishment is an important method of educational. Absorbing new knowledge can help parents get out of their own growth experience, adjust their education.
3 bear with a kids ' parents if you are short of breath, when the face is listen to discipline children, usually the most direct response was to shout abuse. At this point, Cheng Guiying teacher advises parents to calm down, try a bit of patience, ask why the children did what. When a parent's heart has been placed in the children's ideas and ways to help the child solve the problem, perhaps you will find that children's behavior is excusable, and has also released a lot of negative emotions.
4 really swallow some parents like to keep dignity in front of children, used to treat down on children. To Cheng Guiying teacher recommends, in particular, hope that the parents really bow down, children from the heart, no longer speaks to kids in imperative tone and respect children as adults. The children don't always say "no", but to give them the choice, let the children make their own decisions. If the child is old enough, expression is no problem, you can also let your child put forward a solution or alternative.
5 outside of reason with children in addition to the usual cautions parents to teach children some truth in the real situation. Let the child have empathy, let him experience it from someone else's perspective, really understand how their behavior affects others. As regards the explanation makes sense, you can select according to the age of the child to explain the depth, particularly small children can use story-telling way.
6 let child to experience if they won't listen to their elders, under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety and no bad consequences, parents can allow children to experience the "consequences" of taste. Through their own practical experiences, children will be able to comprehend how correct and parental guidance is important.
7 consultation with children do not always require the child to live according to the Lord's own heart, then not only is the child suffering, even the adults can be painful. Children are human beings, and of course he wants to do one thing, therefore, consultation with the child, take a step back may be a good way. When kids want to jump the couch and parents when they have something to think, you can ask the children to jump on the bed of the bedroom, or tell him to wait for a while before jumping, or parents to get things done, then take the kids to the Park to jump.
8 rage regardless of teaching children in a State of extreme anger, parents are certainly not in a rational way to discipline a child. So, when parents would calm down when Cheng Guiying teacher advises parents to leave the scene or transferred their attention to something else, such as calling friends, listening to music, etc. Calm yourself down, and talk to children.
9 amendment of the children sometimes parents expectations of truth too evenly, often themselves do not receive standard (perhaps parent thinks he can do it, but never actually do it! ) To children. You know, kids too young, active, stubborn, forgetfulness and other symptoms are normal. Parents if they really want the kids asked, must also take into account the growth of children, do not always take a magnifying glass to look at the child's performance.
10 good faith towards children when some of the parents communicate with children, always like to blame or imperative tone, often making it difficult for children to accept. According to Cheng Guiying teacher, parent-child communication should be sincere and no distance between, parents can be honest to their fear or emotion to explain to your child, let the child know his behavior will make you sad, or will it make you worry and fear. As long as the tone is calm, attitude is genuine, you realize, in fact, children would be happy and considerate mother and father!