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Parents and children together "every day"

"After the children go to school, teaching children the task of all to the school teacher, and as a parent you only need to push the children homework to done. "This is now a popular form of family education in the Community rule, educationalists, Henderson (new world) School of foreign languages, President of the hengdesen·Yang believe that this view is wrong, parents should pay attention to the whole process of education for children, with children learning together.
Parents echo children together progress listening to had many parents said up, in children Shang primary school of when, help children modified job also didn't think how hard, but to has children Shang junior high school yihou, on children of textbook increasingly see not understand, more alone counselling children of lessons, even parents in the many are is veteran University graduated, but now to do junior high school, and high school courses of some topics, still also not do.
In this regard, the hengdesen·Yang think that is normal, this is because the parents before the knowledge is far behind the, and for years without the use of basic knowledge, knowledge chain has said. And now, the updating of knowledge is fairly rapid, child learning capacity is growing, due to the acceleration of knowledge, parents only learn, expand their knowledge, to help the child effectively and rapidly grow.
Parents can't do "walk away"
"I'm paying children to go to school, since the money put into the schools, so teachers must teach my children, children cannot learn, and it don't matter to me. "This view is wrong. Hengdesen·Yang believes that education consists of three aspects of school education, family education and social education, respectively, by the school, parents and community education subjects. Schools and teachers can only take responsibility for children during the school education, school children's study phase is controlled, and after the children leave school, their stage of education is out of control, so parents need to assume more responsibility for education.
Children's physical and psychological aspects is still in a growth phase, all aspects of development are not mature, parental supervision is necessary in order to guide their walk toward a good study on the route, not "walk away", all child tasks to the teacher education, his indifferent. Education is not to blame and compare: "what homework also do well, that's stupid! "," How the next puff test scores than you so much? "" The problem is I didn't teach you, how they forgot? ”…… Each of the parents said these things are more or less? In fact, in the process of educating children, this is wrong, because education is not to blame and that education is a long-term process of continuous, is the need for parents to be patient.
Why do kids always on the teacher's emotional closeness, sometimes do not listen to the words of parents listen to your teacher? That is because in children growth of each step, teacher are is keep in he side, accompany he with work with harvest of, so, parents in with children growth of process in the need with of is "for tense", and not as: has taught had children, and has told had or has learn had and so on of "past tense" or "completed tense" of education method, more cannot on children of learning indifferent.
Synchronize with learn with their children for a child, parents are their idols, then how can parents keep pace with children growing up, long and firmly established their idol status? That there is only one way--and children learn together.
First, parents must learn the children are learning knowledge. Because adults than child in thinking development and understanding aspects sound have more, coupled with many knowledge is parents yiqian school had of, so only need taking little time on can review of; second is efforts expanded himself of knowledge range, let himself knows of knowledge more extension of, more see some books, and master children of psychological features; last also need reminded parents note of is, in and children of along in the, to like a friends and students as and children along, to children create a has competition, and has interactive, and has discussion of learning environment.