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The educational role of parents to their children's biggest

At present, many working parents of busy, fight in his career, and neglect the family exchanges and communication with their children, away from the child's psychological and behavioral development, living and learning habit forming, and so on through tutor forms, find a tutor to the child-like "escort", to "son". Over time, their communication with their children all the more scarce, even affection will alienate children on parents ' identity, it is a dangerous thing.
Pedagogical theory tells us that children's education by families, schools, the role of social factors and influences. Among them, based on the parents of family factors on children influence and role to the maximum. Ancient sages said: do not teach, father, parents are the best teachers. All parents (family) for their children's education, and this role is irreplaceable.
One of the parents to make children successfully enter a key outside the high school, spend money to hire tutors, and out of 50,000 yuan in an unsuccessful "target Prize", the "under the rewards will be brave", not a problem to find a suitable tutor for their children.
Aside the Grand Prize based on the rich set of parents about the issue is worthy of discussion: prevailing on the psychology and behavior of parents "tutor-dependent". It is understood that many parents looking for a tutor that form a "tutor-dependent" reasons: one is that parents are too busy at work, too busy to take care of the children; the second is the knowledge of parents cannot afford their children's tuition. Therefore, should you give your child home care.
As for parents ' own knowledge levels unable to coach children, that's a fact. With the improvement of education, students learn is not the same when their parents age, many parents ' inability to guide their children's schoolwork, even for a highly educated parents, only in the individual disciplines of counselling, interdisciplinary testing. From this perspective, a family mentoring their children's homework seems fair enough. However, many parents have neglected the more important question: does my child need a tutor? Form of tutoring right for my child?
In fact, it should be "whether to hire a tutor" option to the children. Let your child decide whether to tutor is based on what learning is child, parents can supervise, but cannot be imposed. Accompanying tutor rather than substitute parent education, foster children may also make parents less communication with children; counseling tutor in schoolwork (such as problem-solving) or skills (such as music and art) assisted on children, but if the learner loses the initiative, the effect is very small.
From the tutor's form, it should be a kind of one-to-one teaching, and classroom teaching models are completely different. Therefore, from the perspective of learners, tutor mode patterns of learning and classroom learning, should also be different. Tutors should best be teaching a full discussion, study, enumerates and analyses, the subject is learner rather than mentor. Allow learners to become the principal, the student must have the ability to prepare in advance, raised from private, must not know to ask, ask a learning initiative, must have two-way communication, active learning attitude, that can tutor for the most and the best benefits.
In fact, tutor (and patiently) the basic form is: classroom teaching time and teaching various types of cracking Guide, it actually acts as a tutor errors. In this case, the learner cannot be the subject of study, they are only in a narrow range in continuation of classroom learning time and teaching are hard to inspire learners to prepare in advance and independent thinking, can only be ahead or repeat students through problem-solving process. Indeed, some prominent teacher, even one-on-one tutoring also lost, into a group or small class teaching.
After all, is the main position of students in class, tutor is just a part of the student to achieve different goals at different levels of Supplement. A student, if classroom learning is bad, it is difficult to use tutoring to make up for it. Or even a difference, the result is likely to cause the child to give up classroom learning. Parents should be more taken into account, not to private tutoring lessons for their children, but really communicate with their children, to look after the children if you really need to find a tutor.
Tutors can not replace the family, tutoring can not replace the classroom, tutors may not breach education laws, which should become in the long term the consensus obtained in the upsurge of private tutor.