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Teaching children some experience

Children in school teachers, families, parents, and grew up in the social environment, education and culture. Child's progress mainly due to the school of teacher education and training, family and parent education, more schools and teachers. As a parent of a child, in terms of how to educate the children, I did not experience where one experiences, to work together to promote our children to grow up happy and healthy.
First of all, to turn our kids into what kind of person? All parents hope their children will wish, but what kind of kid was called a "Dragon". Our children and don't have a lot of requirements, and does not require him to do more in the future, made much money, just wants to be a useful person to the society, is a happy, healthy, viable and self-reliant people. Opening soon, head teacher had a parent meeting and gave me a deep impression. Children become adults, this is not true. Children now is the lack of guidance. Son growing up diaries wrote: How did he want to be members of the labor, considered that when labor members on how they should serve everyone, at home I asked him: why did you become a Labour Member, and not to selected when English, he told me: "when labor members are good. Be able to supervise others, two are bound by their own. "When I heard what he said, repeatedly praised: good for you! Your approach is correct. He thinks he is doing a very happy person, he can do this with a parent's Guide and are inseparable. Then, he created opportunities for independent activities and the environment, formed to encourage children to practice skills, to gain experience. On the first day, his home school MOM washing dishes, washing their clothes, which you can also try to let him practice, experience life, training and forming the child's self-reliance. During this convergence should be careful! Therefore, we usually pay more attention to their children's moral education.
Secondly, how to develop children's interest and good habits. Playing is the child of nature, I asked the children to learn more is, interested in every subject, really fun when you learn. You as you learn fun treat will be interested. When I was in high school, the head teacher just sent us a quote: "only love is the best teacher. "So it was only like, will learn it. Praise the child, communication with children can feel benefits of learning, children learn to solve practical problems in the right direction can enhance a child's interest in learning. In addition, the method of teaching children thinking, problem-solving methods, can strengthen a child's interests, and to foster good study habits. I had some problems on child learning, can not directly try not to answer to answer, only to a method. Gave way, the children come to the answer, judging by the children themselves. Children mastered the method, I tend to ask a rhetorical question: "isn't it funny? "After child master a way, very happy, tend to increase his interest in learning. If he could do it, and also asked me a question. I ask the children to read a few more books and books. After reading it, asked him to learn, feel, and then with his analysis. This will improve his ability to understand, active, she thought, very helpful to his study.
Third, educate our children to learn to communicate, learn to respect them. Is a simple truth, but it was ignored by many parents. Imagine a when we were little, if the growth process? Like do what you like, don't like listening to adults chatter. May things later, we forget. Now our own children at this age. Remember: pay attention to tone of voice must not be taught at every turn; second, we must learn to communicate, some children's psychology is very serious now, and why? Key is how to guide. To encourage, praise your children. But praise to catch. Praise is not in the child's right to praise when he's wrong, then it's no education, that name is misleading. You should praise for this thing, and he did well, shout outs, rather than just don't get this place. For example, math exam, 110 minutes, are some of the Basic, there is a problem caused by careless mistakes and other problems. In view of the above, you should also say: boy, you question what is wrong? Carelessness? OK, to do it better next time, Oh, I know kids can be! Instead of praising or criticizing. Then languages, he was afraid of exam, parents of heart trouble, I have his heart disorder, always encouraging, and said: son, you keep your mouth bigger bet, use your head and thinking, bold enough to answer the question, as long as you work hard, you will better each time.
My child and other children are very common, some interested in learning, but this interest is slowly developed, will also need to continue to improve. Children need to be educated there, and we educate and develop children's principle is: let him learn freedom, self-respect, self-improvement, self-reliance, coupled with the full support of our parents, we hope that through efforts in this aspect, especially the hard work of teachers, eventually able to blaze a path of success in life.