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Top 8 considerations for family

Good parents is not born, growing up in child process, parents everywhere do a conscientious parent.
1, you are your child's "clone" object family is characterized by subtle, words and deeds. As the child's plastic, imitation, and parents say and do, every move in order to model, always subtly exert influence on children. For infants and young children who are 0-3, this film m is particularly important. Because of man's personality and lay the Foundation for most are the major advantages and disadvantages in this period. Parents of children up to this period. Therefore, learn to all children in the family, including tone of voice, movement and walking posture, personality and behaviour will be stigmatized as parents. So it is said that children and parents in the mirror. If the parents are home from work and playing ' live free immersion, even bad behaviour will no doubt have negative implications for children.
2, stop trying to "child, how"
Parents to educate their children, we must first understand the child's age and personality. Age refers to a certain age, physiological and psychological development and characteristics. Favorite games and stories as a child in early childhood, parents used to do games and story-telling approach to educating our children, will be able to achieve remarkable results. If he kept speaking truth, the effect is bad. Personality refers to each child's individual characteristics, such as some children have outgoing, lively; while others are introverted, indulge in intestinal shy, quiet. Therefore, cannot use the same approach to education. Parents learn some knowledge of child psychology is very important, should regularly observe and study their children's individuality, and stand in the child's perspective to observe its thoughts, and their psychological needs. Process at home, parents do not use that "kids" to measure their child because every child has its own personality.
3, children have self-esteem and some parents never realized that children have self-esteem, blame or belittle your child's progress, inadvertently hurting the child. Self-esteem is an important psychological factors influencing the healthy growth of children, children can not only promote the development of self-confidence and self-esteem, and to promote their innovative spirit and self control. Pride damaged children, would have a psychological barrier in the development, such as psychological inferiority and confrontation. Therefore, parents must always pay attention to respect for the child, to protect and cultivate their grapes. In life, in the children's progress, timely recognition and encouragement.
For their kids than the others, don't blame, not satire, other available strengths to encourage children to 4, taught, from the modified 0-3 is your children's physical and psychological development of the most rapid and most basic, plasticity, and developing good character and personality most likely to achieve results. Similarly, if some bad habits were formed in infancy, correct and most easily. However, if you miss the early childhood education, much more difficult [current, some students ' behavior character appears on many of the issues, are due to improper and the lack of good education or early childhood education.
5, stop staring at my child's shortcomings when parents to educate children, affirmed and praised its showing good behavior, can make children feel happy, naturally willing to repeat the good behavior after this call positive reinforcement. Some parents eyes stare at their children's shortcomings, disadvantages and to tell them over and over again, which is called negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement can not change kids ' bad behavior, it is easy to enhance this habit. Some children have a partial eclipse problem, parents are worried and want their children to get rid of, people said, "the child eats only meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and inconsiderate ... ... It can do? "In fact, grumble and shortcomings in front of children, also intensified his shortcomings. Child tube worse phenomenon, parents often used due to negative reinforcement.
6, never justifying every child has its advantages and disadvantages for their children, but many parents love to hear words of praise and praise. If anyone criticizes her children, often very unhappy. When children discovered their own weaknesses, and roll with the punches, trivial, hiding for their children.
Some parents try to excuse for children, justified and accuse others. In fact, it's not cruelty to children the right way. Because of his parents ' Board, the child will fear, despondency. Two others no longer reflect the situation, comprehensive understanding of children against their parents. But children's shortcomings exist, there will always be shown. Shorter weaknesses tend to be more protective of children, and made a great mistake in the future, parents will be too late and the.
7, without violence to "conquer" the children some parents think "fight to become" ' rough attitude towards children, which leads to many negative consequences.
A child's nervous system is very fragile and gruff manner will make them nervous, to the detriment of their physical and mental health, and can lead to feelings of two generations apart. Two children because of fear of violence, often telling the truth to their parents, over time, forming a liar and dishonest abuse. Three children imitate strong, will also become violent Garifuna. Therefore, the parents adopt high-handed to "conquer" the children practice is unwise.
8, do not use the TV set as "nanny"
Now, there are a large number of parents for hooking, children's TV set as a full-time "nurse", the unfavorable effects on the physical and mental development of the child. Let the children watch TV for a long time, will directly impede language and emotional communication between parents, is not conducive to children's oral communication skills development. Two children watching TV all day long, is bound to reduce outdoor activities and interpersonal relationships, has negative effects on vision. Three are required for watching TV is passive concentration, if too much is not conducive to seriously study the active attention, resulting in unsustainable attention focused while studying, work is prone to fatigue. Therefore, children watching TV to have choice, time should not be too long, parents first to manage yourself, don't let your child get in the "helping".

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