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Parents how to educate our children

According to a survey of more than 10 more than 000 domestic households, more than half of the children to their parents ' education is not satisfactory. 31.09% per cent of children do not like parents with orders, urging tone with his own talk 18.05% of children to parents in the negative, demeaning, and insulting their dissatisfaction; 5.16% of the children accusing their parents often threatening, scolding himself. It should be said that threats and abuse children is parent education, child of weakness, most stupid parents should not threaten and abuse children. Parents ' education level does not matter, lower educational level of parents, are able to give children reason, workers can tell workers ', farmers can tell farmers, but not children.
There is a view that, in all professions, there are two professional work is the least mistakes. First, doctors, once error dead man, life is irreversible; the second is to educate children, once education mistakes, teaching their children to bad, it's hard to make up for, or even be irreversible. Especially now that the country's family planning policy, a family he is a child, if the child cannot become, not only for the country, to contribute to the social and family life has also brought a lot of trouble in the future. According to statistics, China at least 8 0 only children, this is something never before in the history of human life. Because only one child per family, so the family concern for their children's success, were more than training children to grow their problems, but also parents happiness in old age, as well as complex social problems such as family honor. Therefore, the parents of one-child families, often more attention to their children's education than the average family. Due to the increase in one-child families, pay more and more attention to children's education in General. In Chinese history, is never.
Pay attention to their children's education, parents must learn to teach children knowledge, really knows how to educate our children. In other words, parents should have the right education, scientific approach to education and strong education capability. Especially the one-child family, education is children first, lack of experience. Therefore, must conscientiously study the successful experience of others, develop their own parenting plan. People's education is not the only success, cannot afford to fail. This requires not only the parents have a lot of responsibility, accountable to the society, the family, children, also have the right to education. Good intentions and enthusiasm alone is not enough.
Family education is a science and art. Says it is a science, because they have to obey the objective laws; that it is art, because objects differ due to objective conditions and education, education must be random and creativity.
Family education is a systematic project, families, society and schools share responsibility for education, good coordination and cohesion among each other. For families, school teacher educators, educational experiences and family education methods of combining efforts to improve parenting skills. Only in this way can educate children. There are two examples that can illustrate the importance of early child education plan.
Early 19th century Germany educator Carl weter children gifted and talented education program itself, turning it eight or nine years old 6 languages, proficiency in math, 9 College, 14, received a doctor of philosophy, 16 years old was JD. According to the experience of educating their children, he wrote a book, the name is called the Carl weter's education.
The beginning of 20th century, another father in this book to teach her child weilian·zhanmusi·saidezi, making it my primary school only a year away from graduating, 11 years old enrolled in Harvard University.
Different is that of family education and school education: school education is focused on learning and capacity-building, and family education is mainly on shaping the child's personality and quality. Parents education level is not high, but very successful for children's education; and some of the parents who educated very highly, but for their children's education was not a success. Family education is the key to success is education good capitalization, rather than teach children how much cultural knowledge.
Therefore, the family according to the condition of children, plans to make a child. Special issues in need of attention is, parents need to learn from the other families of successful experiences and the lessons of failure, but you can't copy someone else's experience, not other people's children to learn to play the piano, my children also play; the kids learn to draw on the other, my children drawing; the children skipping on the other, my children don't want to skip. Gourd painting gourds, this method of educating children is absolutely not enough, will not be successful.
Each child is different from any other child, natural conditions are determined by genetic factors. Each child's future mental and material basis for development is not the same, the parents will have to study and understand these features cases, depending on the circumstances, establish a suited kids character education programs.  Although the family rules and principles are the same, but due to the different educational objects, to adopt different methods and approaches. Specifically, the family develop early education methods and procedures of plan are as follows:
(1) understand children of character features, determine training children good of habits, and shaping sound personality and health psychological of timing and method; (2) understand children of intelligence features, found children of interest hobby, to a door interest hobby mainly, determine Guide and development of timing and method; (3) understand children health features, determine exercise body, and enhanced physique of timing and method.
For example, parents of juvenile students Feng long long from other kids like drawing, developed a plan to raise children youth college student Tian Xiaofei parents, children like poetry from the start training youth 曹宇 parents of college students, children like to play chess began to develop extraordinary intellect. All good parents to their children's education, are planned, according to the step, due to "material" to teach.
Parents in the education and training of children, it is important that children should be allowed to grow freely, independently developed. Children must be inspired and guided, don't force, do not inhibit the child's nature, to make their children happy to learn, to grow up happy.
Recently, many newspapers have reported that the 14-year-olds in Shanghai Ding upbringing. Young age, he has made two diploma at the age of 11 won from Shanghai International Studies University diploma in English, 14, got the Shandong University computer science undergraduate degree. Ding Lei in self-study on the road has made remarkable achievements, proved that the man has a lot of potential, and early education can fully develop and utilize this potential. Reflect our current education system and method, there are still many areas in need of improvement. However, Ding family develop study plans and methods is not desirable for him.
First of all, Ding support his father's "most important things to learn", "in the future is not enough, what is missing to fix." In this "emergency" under the guidance of, Ding the knowledge learning is primarily for people who need to pass the exam. Because of the way a lot of self-study, affecting school learning, Ding just scraped through in the junior high school graduation exam, never on after school. Judging from these, knowledge learned Ding Lei, the lack of systematic and coherent, though some progress soon on the knowledge or learn very deep, but at the expense of other learning. For his next study, science and the future, there will definitely be a big impact, and insufficient. We remember the ustc was admitted, has just opened its doors to young college students, only one or a few courses top, University, schools have to take one or two years to they cram schools, even elementary schools should learn knowledge. If there is a quick thought on children's education, by pulling method, which is not desirable. In fact, elementary school, middle school, high school or University, are basic education, it is difficult to distinguish between what is important and what is not important. Usually, only after the occupation of the clear and research to determine the knowledge level of importance.
Secondly, Ding often do not go to school from primary school, always after finishing junior high school homeschool, there are student groups, little time with children of the same age, lack of communication with society, especially children playing games, little time doubles. For a growing child is cruel, and in severe cases can cause physiological and psychological aspects of the problem. This method of segregated education, although it is possible to improve the efficiency of learning, but for a child's development is on the whole negative.
"Dr family" 's mother Li Zhenxia teacher once said: "I had a student, do not let the children go to school, nor let him contact the society, at home yourself, do not let him receive a school education. I've seen this child, thin, not a comprehensive development of the child. This method of education is very limited, even parents are very good, nor is a comprehensive education for children. Children are going into schools, into the community, so that his development will be more and more widely. "
And "Ding" and "Harvard girl Liu yiting" contrary to gifted education, a group of so-called anti-"genius" education is taking shape, his masterpiece: the mediocre, I'm happy, happy tutoring programme and the why of Harvard and so on. I'm mediocre, authors of the book I'm happy: "better to be happy fool, don't be blue genius", "in order to become a dragon, must sacrifice a child childhood happiness; to be happy, you cannot expect children into the Dragon. "Author" mediocrity that is happy and gifted melancholy ", think" obsessed is the source of all evil ", this assumption is too simple, such a view is too extreme. You know, the "genius" may not be blue, the vast majority of "genius" is happy, they get pleasure from their efforts to learn and grow, they are now happy, and most of their childhood was happy. However, the mediocre are not necessarily happy childhood not to compete, not to fight, no achievement, there is nothing to be happy? Grow up behind the others, to be happy together? Only this is a tragedy. Dragon is not wrong in itself, and didn't want to marshal soldiers is not a good soldier, but said every soldier to become Marshal. Don't want to go to Tsinghua and Peking University student is not a good student, so can't think every student in Tsinghua University and Peking University. As a parent, wants to, but don't make a Jackie Chan.
Therefore, how we educate our children to have a correct understanding of the various educational methods to draw positive and useful part of our children's education, more careful, more scientific.