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Students ' education

I am the point of specialized courses in school drops

First to explain in advance students ' background:
1, the age difference!
Since China eased after enrolment in the plan, as long as the "junior high school graduation certificate", previous graduates can be enrolled directly without exam! Ages from 12-52 has (at least in our school), have brought their children to go to school, do not know parents no matter what.
2, basic knowledge is uneven number too high, have never seen a computer; unit leadership, workers earn tuition fees. Excellent literary talent, even the Ruby is not; there are admitted to study in high school but the lack of money, in junior high school had never failed ... ... Have good grades in all subjects, but in social business.
In view of this reality, advocated teaching now, but if there is no class according to the knowledge level, to complete the program in a class teaching under the premise of, essentially to the teacher in class, "a Professor being a beast being"!
3, bad habits, said tartly that "most of the students in secondary vocational schools is a bad result, not suitable for domestic education, but was eliminated by high school students! "Imagine, their original high schools in General what kind of treatment? Almost all sad behind the pile of hate to classmates in every class object. Although they are not bad, but if everyone can encounter education teacher, estimated as much as possible out of high school. On the vocational school students in previous Studies, basic piercing is criticism and criticism, be negated. Coupled with the high requirements for parents of young children, can lead to think reading is "poor" and, therefore, most of the students have "give up" mentality! Normal citizens are required to comply with the basic principles, it is hard to find.
4, low self-esteem is particularly serious because community to "green" their contempt and disdain, so to the students of secondary vocational schools with different degrees of inferiority, triggered as a result is a lot of excesses. Terms of appreciating education in them to be longer and more complex, because at least half of the students are accustomed to criticism, praise to you is a bit indifferent. Most of this part of the student's State of mind is in addition to money, outside of gaming and interest in the opposite sex, there are few things into his eyes!
5, self-discipline ability of vocational students to live on campus, in addition to teaching them, and they live! Most of the homes in the field, far far more parents day, sneak out to play Hi at school! Teachers do not see! Disappeared in a wink! There are many parents simply do not meet even the school education, saying "take care of my children than your teacher!"