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Students ' education

Parents how to educate our children

Their parents are too busy "economic construction", ignore the education of their children. Some parents think, children into has school, all education are rely on Yu teacher, himself of responsibility just improved children of economic conditions, let children of community get guarantee; parents of culture quality low, although himself in trying to education children, but is on children of education performance have ambition; parents hopes, and looked female into Phoenix urgent, education no right of method, some Shenzhen family will appeared has "sticks education"; in child Shenzhen family in, parents on children of too spoiled, son improper, Plus the children's growing awareness of self, is the special status of priority one-child families in Shenzhen, in the palliative care of parents, has developed many bad habits.
For children, the family in Shenzhen as a factor of social factors in the first contact, which plays a very important role in the formation of the personality of the child. Parents on children spoiled or indulgence, is children of character changeable, and rely on, and fragile, emotional vulnerable and lazy; parents on children used simple stiff of method or too severe, is children often heart narrow, winced stiff, feelings indifference, and depression, some even habit dangmianyitao set of bad habits; Shenzhen family often noisy, and parents relationship rupture and divorce separation, is easy makes children formed pessimistic depression, and withdrawn narrow, or ruthless, and behavior rage, character features.
Different influence of family environment to children in Shenzhen is not the same, the teacher to guide parents, according to their changes in the family environment of children in Shenzhen targeted education and guidance to children the right way of life.
Only these summer mother says, we look at how to do? How to educate their children.