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What age do children begin to learn to swim the most appropriate

Every parent wants to first child a special talent, and by proper professional training for this potential to the extreme! However, talent not age-the smaller the better!
According to United States Pediatrics Institute said, currently has 500 to 10 million name United States children and the school-age Qian children has accept had a species form of water Shang courses training, in some area, years full 3 age of children on can registration participate in swimming class, but according to some courses of organizers said, 3 age around children of swimming courses just is to let they early began and water deal just, does not Professor special of skills.
To this end, the researchers cautioned that the children's parents to choose whether to allow their children to participate in swimming classes as well as what course should be taken as well, and do not have high expectations for children, finds them after learning will become a good swimmer.
United States News, United States Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that parents of children under the age of 4 do not let their children begin to learn to swim too early, because the age of physical development of the child is not suitable for swimming training. Researchers say, children less than 5 years old are in principle not suitable for swimming, but they acknowledge that there are no definitive studies show that when children started swimming the best. Some studies also show that children to around 4 years old generally have the ability to learn to swim, but in terms of degree of neuromuscular development, they also need special guidance of trainers to ensure safety.
Researchers also claim that those children under 4 years of age to open the swimming training easy to give parents a false concept, the sooner children learn to swim, the more likely they are to becoming players in this regard as soon as possible, so as to avoid the possibility of drowning. Researchers say there is no scientific evidence for early childhood training to be able to keep them for a lifetime. In particular, they warn parents of children, best not to send their children to repeat children sink into the water way to practice swimming skills training courses, because it billed as the first to cultivate the children's fear of water is not psychological training will enable them to make a reckless move.