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Good way to train art baby 6

If you just focus on your baby's intellectual development, neglect of cultivation of artistic interest, it can be worth the candle, because of its artistic interest would raise baby love life. As a parent, how to cultivate the art of baby, so they can enjoy a better life?
An economically rich, they represent a material, spiritual emptiness, without sustenance, as true happiness could not be found. When your baby after you have some artistic accomplishment, they would pay more attention to spiritual things, so that they get happy than rich people, this will also make them more love life, get more happiness.
Good way to train baby art 1, art listening to children's concerts, children's play, see children's art exhibition, activities and baby together and taste the art of charm, baby children participating in arts activities, would subtly develop an artistic temperament.
2 Select an interest, hobbies, baby, such as music, painting, dance, and so on, hands-on art activities. Baby could do a mess at first, but gradually you will find art, beauty, beauty.
3, musicianship always give your baby to listen to children's songs, and let the babies learn to sing; casual put on classical music or nature music, allows children to experience the beauty of music.
4, art fine art color coordination, lines clear, vivid, helps to exercise your baby's vision and to develop baby observation and artistic imagination. Some of their paintings, Mason, handmade, paper, making toys, and art-related skills, can train the baby's interest in art and to stimulate their artistic creativity.
5, graceful dance knowledge of dance requirements, expressive and rhythm, combined with music and light, gives a strong intuitive feeling of beauty, can train the baby to build awareness of the beauty and the sense of rhythm. Parents can take the baby to see dance and music concert guide baby watch TV dance show, rich baby dance knowledge.
6, naturally took the baby into nature. Take the baby for a walk, benefit to babies experience different cultures, art, magnificent in the great wall, the magnificent sea, around the architectural beauty, and so on, have helped to cultivate the artistic accomplishment of the baby.