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Photography quick start guide

Recently has many people in QQ and MSN Shang asked to author the how learning photography, technology of or theory of things are is good told, because 1+1=2 is can with hand finger is out of, can empirical, and anyone to for, it will get as of results, any who for, are not change "Aperture narrowed, depth will variable big, shutter put fast, can freeze image" such of facts. However, in how to learn photography on this matter, it is very important for a beginner. Because it was a conceptual problem, the concept may not be the consensus. I very much hope that lets beginners know your views and thoughts, so that everyone in the dawning of the photography portal, and not lost, falling into the swirl of errors.
How to get started learning photography? First, of course, is interested in photography. And interest is the most important power, more strong, and your power is stronger, the same, you harvest more in photography. Of course, the vast majority of readers are interested in photography, photography Web, so at this point, I want to say: stick to your interest, you will gain more.
Again, someone will ask: do I have to buy a camera? what camera to buy? ' on this issue, I have said in the Forum, you don't have to buy a camera, can be like "see", printing detailed pictures or landscape or the way all sorts of people. Because you are interested in these images, so if you want to use the camera to capture it. Saying, right?
Beginner photography second step: recognize a fact, camera for a photography enthusiast, it is just a "tool". Of course, for many people, the camera is a collection, there are many enthusiasts are interested in photography about the equipment itself, so what! First buy a basic taste (this, now most of the camera comply with the condition), and is now focusing on the equipment, and, of course, I mean if you want to have something in photography, familiar with your tools are absolutely necessary, to learn step by step operation. Spend a little time, go into the streets, gardens and fields to find inspiration, are often the most common thing is the most real. We often say "more sweat and less you bleed in war." (Don't ask what we can do for you, you have to ask yourself what can be made for the camera), after which tools you are familiar with, when it encounters a handy, don't panic, even messed up unable to reproduce important event photography.
Equipment is good or bad is relative, not absolute. Select equipment is also critical, for newbies, we only have to choose a favorite, the price can withstand the DC is sufficient, we can go to the shopping channel to see some recent price models and important notice, I am sure to find his beloved one DC!
Beginner photography step three: exchanges are familiar with basic operations, of course is to find opportunity to Pat, work study, discuss with friends. Do not feel embarrassed, especially at the beginning, you may not know that the picture on the problem is in that place? Focal length is not good or the shutter speed is too slow? Composition could be improved? Beam angle can be better? Next time you encounter the same environment, you can do much better this time? Looking for kind of shooting title cut, look for different shooting stations, before before you a certain level, I suggest we have to many to try. Friends pictures, and came back to study together, exchange views and experiences, all can make photography more interesting.

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